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With ongoing developments in technology; social media and digital marketing continue to offer a vast range of ways that businesses can communicate with their audience.  Social media is a fantastic marketing tool, with a wide range of platforms, each having a slightly different offer and audience with whom to engage.  Even with more recent developments in pay-per-click advertising, social media still offers a wealth of opportunities that can be explored cost effectively or in some cases for free.


Digital marketing is not all about social media, there are a variety of other online advertising routes that can be explored and again, many are extremely cost effective.  Social media and digital marketing mediums have the advantage of also providing lots of reports, statistics and insights which enable you to review your activity accurately and adjust your actions accordingly.  A key advantage of using digital marketing is the ability to be able to market your business precisely and directly to your target audience, increasing the chances of a successful outcome.  


Email marketing has made it so much easier to keep in touch with your customers and also to be able to monitor the activity linked to the emails that you send, gathering a wealth of management information along the way.  Again a much more cost effective method of communication compared to the more traditional direct mail method.  


Of course we couldn't talk about digital marketing without including websites.  A form of digital communication and exposure that has revolutionised the marketing world, particularly in the last decade.  Online brochure sites, full e-commerce platforms and search engine optimisation are all areas where we can help.


The team at Orchard Business Development have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the social media and digital marketing arena and can offer 1-1 or group support with training and development or a full digital marketing management service.          

I was lucky enough to find Karen as she was recommended by a friend. Karen not only helped market my family business but there were so many areas that she helped me with/ is helping me with on a one to one basis. Karen has a wealth of knowledge in lots of areas so really has been a great support. I also recently attended two of the development days and loved them. They were professional, friendly and well thought out covering some great topics. Karen is very friendly and approachable which is what makes it a pleasure working with her. 

Sam De Marco

Uni City Lodge

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