Eight Top Tips For Productive Working at Home

I worked at home for several years before I rented a serviced office space, but there are still some days when I work from home and so having clear boundaries is still very important. There are many people that I know that work from home on a full or part time basis and so I thought I would share my top tips for when you are working at home.

  1. Set yourself a start time and finish time, it will keep you on schedule.

  2. It’s good to take regular breaks, as it will help you to work in a focused and productive way.

  3. Don’t be tempted to have a PJ day, you will feel better prepared for the day if you are up, dressed and ready to go.

  4. Be clear with other people at home that you are working and ask them to respect your working time and space.

  5. Working at home can be a little lonely and so it’s important to dedicate some social time. Networking can be a great way to gain company, but still be working.

  6. Take yourself out to work and have a change of scene, maybe a local coffee shop, library or hot desk somewhere, it can make you feel much better and it can feel more social too.

  7. Don’t be tempted to put a load of washing on or empty the dishwasher, be strict with yourself and your time for working otherwise before you know it you have lost a chunk of working time.

  8. If possible have a space at home dedicated for you to work in, it will help to define your work from home life. If you do not have a dedicated work space, then try and work in a clear and uncluttered space, it’s amazing how your productivity can be influenced if there is too much visual noise.

So these are my eight top tips for working productively from home, I hope you find them helpful. Feel free to comment or share your top tips with me too, I would love to hear them.

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