Does The Winner Take It All? Five things to do following business awards...

There seem to be an ever increasing number of business awards operating across the UK and lots of articles offering advice about the benefits of entering and winning, but what about those that didn’t win or that simply attended as a guest?

Business awards are like any other networking or event opportunity and there are lots of ways that you can ‘win’ and benefit, by simply following up after the event.

Five things that you can do after attending a business awards event...

  1. Follow up and connect with people sooner rather than later, ideally within 48 hours. Send emails, connect on social media or simply pick up the telephone whilst the event is still very much in the minds of people that attended.

  2. You will not have had the opportunity to meet and speak with everyone that attended the awards event and so if you have a delegate list scan and look for people that you wish you could have spoken with. Get in touch with them and express your disappointment in not having the opportunity to speak with them and then follow up accordingly.

  3. There will have been a lot of interest from people not directly involved in the business awards, but that could be valuable connections to you and your business and so why not search the hashtag, find those people and then follow them on social media.

  4. Connect with speakers, judges and sponsors of awards. Everyone that gets involved in business awards will have their own reason for doing so and that includes speakers, judges and sponsors. Don’t forget the venue and events team even if it is to congratulate them on a successful event or excellent service, as people are often quick to complain, but seldom congratulate. Follow up with them and, or connect on social media and start building that relationship straight away.

  5. Remember to say thank you to those who have wished you well, as their support is invaluable. If you were nominated for an award, became a finalist of even won an awards, remember to express your thanks to those that have wished you well. Having a team of positive people behind you and your business wishing you well is invaluable and worth holding on to.

So my top tip would be to pencil time into the diary for following up after any key networking event, whether it’s a conference, exhibition or awards ceremony, to fully maximise the opportunity for you and your business.

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