Giving Yourself A Gift At Christmas

Christmas is a time for giving and it is really important to give yourself a gift this Christmas...the gift of a break and time to relax!

Unlike most other holidays throughout the year, Christmas is a time when most people are expected to take time off, with offices and factories on most occasions shutting down for a period of time and so this is the perfect opportunity to take some time off.

Top tips to get prepared...

  1. Put your out of office on with clear details of when you are next available.

  2. Write a list of tasks to be done before you finish for the holidays and if it is unlikely that you will be able to complete them all, prioritise the ones that you would consider more urgent. Ask yourself, can it really not wait until you return to work?

  3. Tie up loose ends that are time critical before the break, so that you are not thinking about things you haven't completed over Christmas.

  4. If you are responsible for your own business social media accounts and your posts cannot wait until your return, schedule some posts to go out during your break. One thing to remember however, is that social media is just that and without two way interaction and conversation, you cannot optimise your results.

  5. Before you finish work, think about your return to work and maybe block out some time in your diary to go through emails and tasks that you will need to then clear as a priority. This will hopefully prolong the period of feeling relaxed and will not be putting yourself under undue pressure.

  6. With Christmas being such a busy time and there being pressures on ensuring that you catch up with all your friends and family, it is also important to factor in some rest time. This way you will feel more refreshed and ready for action on your return to work.

So, remember to give yourself the gift of taking a proper break and have a rest this Christmas, you will feel much better for it and ready for action, on your return to work.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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