"Karen is a committed business advisor with a wealth of knowledge in her subject.  

She offers excellent one-to-one coaching sessions, and also

business development

workshops at her office in

Wolston, for start-up

and established businesses."


Anne Rogers

Virtual PA

Business Development & Planning

When setting off on a journey to a new destination, it would be sensible to make sure that you knew the route you were going to take and the journey you take with your business should be no different.  Taking time to research, review and plan your business activities is vitally important if you are going to maximise the opportunities available and be successful.  


A business plan does not have to be a lengthy document and it should not be a document that comes to an end, but an action plan that is continually reviewed and revised in line with the changes in your business environment, the local economy and changes in the industry in which you work.  A document that adapts to the changing needs of your customers or clients and continues to identify opportunites for the business to work smarter rather than harder.  


Individuals that work in their business on their own, often find the task of business planning difficult, as they have no one to act as a sound board for ideas, to offer a fresh and alternative perspective or to constructively challenge decisions.  The 1-1 business support meetings that we offer are particularly helpful for people in this predicament and having a business adviser to brainstorm with on a regular basis, is really valuable for ensuring that your business stays on track.        


Existing businesses often reach a point where their trade has plateaued and, or they want to take their business to the next level.  These are both situations that we work with on a regular basis and we can work with your business to identify and explore opportunities for growth.  Often a fresh pair of eyes and a sound board for ideas, working on an impartial basis can be the solution.   




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